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(1) The purpose of these quizzes.
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(1) The purpose of these quizzes.
I was inspired to create these quizzes after I kept meeting people who loved their dogs but were not adept at looking after them.

To get a driver’s licence we have to learn the road laws and correctly answer a few random questions. I’d like state governments to require prospective dog owners to do the same: applicants would be required to study these quizzes and answer a series of random questions posed by the Pet Registry Office. When the applicants pass the test they can acquire, register and microchip a dog.

The questions are not designed to trick people, they’re designed to help people understand how to properly look after a dog before they acquire one.

The site is also a resource for current owners of pet dogs.

(2) The photographs.
Most of the photographs were found using Google’s Advanced Image Search, Free to use or share. However, if you own a photograph on this site and do not want it used, or if you would like attribution, please email me at: openslather@hotmail.com

To those of you who generously allow your photographs to be Free to use or share, thank you very much! Your generosity is much appreciated. The photographs make a big difference to the look of this site.
May all your eggs be double-yolkers.
Mark Avery.

(3) About the author.
I am not a professional dog handler, and just because I have had dogs most of my life does not make me an expert. However, two things do qualify me to create these quizzes about basic dog ownership: the first is that I have drawn upon the knowledge and experience of many experts in their particular field. Second, my methods of personal dog ownership have worked. I have been able to convert undisciplined rescue dogs into happy, relaxed dogs that behave off-leash in all environments. And that’s all I need. Unless you want a dog to work, show or do tricks, that’s probably all you need.
Mark Avery, Sydney Australia.     openslather@hotmail.com

(4) If you disagree with an answer please let me know. If you would like a quizz on a topic, let me know.
Mark Avery      openslather@hotmail.com

(5) No advertisements.
Nowhere on this site will you find a product or service mentioned or advertised. That’s to allay a visitor’s fear of this site having a commercial agenda.

(6) Thank you!
Apart from the anonymous photographers whom I have already thanked, I will be thanking no particular person or company for fear that a cynical reader might assume the site’s purpose is, after all, to promote a product or service.

I do, however, thank my dear Cousin Fiona for her sustained and invaluable support. Thank you, Fiona! Much appreciated!