Quiz 12. Treats.

If your dog tends to snatch food from your hand, teach it to take a treat gently. After all, one day an infant might be holding food . . .
  Here is one method:

Step 1. Take your puppy to where there are no distractions and your puppy is calm. Put on a protective glove, if necessary.

Step 2. Let your puppy see that you have a treat in your hand.

Step 3. Close your hand around the treat, and then lower your hand to where it touches the side of your leg. From there bring your hand forward to be under  your puppy’s chin. (This prevents the puppy from jumping up.) For a half second let your puppy sniff the treat in your hand.

Step 4. Slowly open your fist. If your puppy tries to snatch the treat close your fist again and retract it. Then try again.
  When your dog decides to be slow and gentle, open your fist and as your puppy takes the treat say in a low voice the words ‘gentle’ and ‘good dog’. Get your puppy associating the word ‘gentle’ with its gentle behaviour, so that in future, when you say the word ‘gentle, it chooses to be gentle.

Step 5. (You might want to ditch the gloves.) When your puppy is getting the hang of being gentle, and would know what the word ‘gentle’ means and what is expected of it, place the treat between your thumb and forefingers and tell your puppy to be “gentle” as you lower the treat.
  Again, if your puppy decides to snatch the treat, withdraw your hand. Try again.
  If your puppy takes the treat in a gentle manner, release the treat and again say the word ‘gentle’. Add the words, ’good dog’.

If there is a relapse, start again.